We’ve Redefined The Enterprise Commerce Platform

A new approach to commerce

Since we couldn't find a single retailer that truly loved their commerce platform, we started with a blank slate when we built Workarea. We have redefined what it means to be a commerce platform. 

Four Platforms Built As One

Workarea is a SaaS commerce solution that combines digital commerce, content management, search and merchant insights into one enterprise-grade platform. From business users to developers, commerce pros love Workarea.

Platform Overview

NoSQL for Ecommerce

Download this white paper to learn how an ecommerce platform powered by NoSQL impacts everything from merchandising to customer experience and conversion and even innovation agility.

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As Seen In

Built on Workarea

Team efficiency matters to us. That’s why we built this website on the Workarea platform. Doing so gives our team the creative freedom to build a better experience for you, faster.

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