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WebLinc, LLC.
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WorkArea's revolutionary real-time internet-based time tracking system provides accurate billing information to the second. To find out more...

Time Clock:
Track your time in real time, anytime anywhere!
Track and report on expenses incurred during a project.
Current Sessions:
Get real time information of who from your company is working on what project and for how long. Keep track of how your office is running, no matter where you are.
Address Book:
Keep track of all your shared company contacts as well as your private contacts in one area that can be accessed from anywhere at any time! Uploading your Palm Address Book will get you started quickly and easily.
Time Sheet:
A "webified" version of the classic paper time sheet. Enter time for a whole week at once!
WAP and Wireless PDA:
Access your time clock, contacts, and other critical business information from you mobile phone web browser or wireless Palm OS PDA.
Company News:
Communicate internal company information in a place they are sure to see it... on your company’s customized WorkArea page!
Permission Based Administration
You are in control of how much your employees can administrate your WorkArea account.

$19.95 per month, for up to 5 users.
$ 4.95 per month, for each additional user.
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Join The Mobile Work Force
If you bill time as a resource, then this service is for you.

Our multi-platform functionality gives any Internet enabled computer, Palm platform PDA, or WAP enabled cellular telephone access to your most valuable company information, in real time and from anywhere. Imagine being able to obtain up to the minute company reports from hundreds or even thousands of miles away from your office at the touch of a button.

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